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Jan 4, 2013 5:00pm PST
resort in stateline nevada. it appears byrne chose to walk from the music festival back to the resort.apparently several people at the festival did the same because there was a long line for the shuttle. authorities say her body was found just off this stretch of pioneer trail, between black bart avenue and al tahoe blvd. which means if she was walking back to the resort.she presumably made a wrong turn, because the resort is this way. keep in mind this area is covered with snow right now.and plows created snow banks along pioneer trail. the utility worker noticed her body over a snowbank.about 10 feet off the road. >> catherine: allyssa lived with her parents in petaluma. family members and friends have been stopping at the home throughout the day. reporters about what the family is going through.especially alyssa's mothe, kim. >> obviously, kim is very distraught and the entire family. we did not expect this out, and we're going to deal with it now as best we can. >> i want to think the entire community of the lake tahoe, and the police department for everything they have don
Jan 3, 2013 5:00pm PST
looking for her. >> the last time she was a scene was a near the state line in nevada at the heart ricin casino halachah rise horizon-casino. went to the raved concert that is 3 mi. from the resort. if they are searching the area around the community college but they are also focusing their efforts and searching along the shore of lake tahoe. the rural area and the searching has a stop for the night but it will resume tomorrow. >> catherine: more than 40 people have been forced from their homes by a fire in several san francisco buildings last week. three buildings at 23rd and capp in the mission district were damaged. more than a hundred firefighters were on the scene. and more than 800-thousand dollars in damage was done. new at six. a meeting just got underway for those residents. the red cross has been helping them with food, shelter, and clothing. kron4's terisa is estacio is live at the meeting in san francisco with the latest. terisa? >> reporter: catherine, the agency is trying to help the victims. it take to advocate the damage. you can see this pile of rubble. nobody is a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2